The GraySphere logo and text "GraySphere"

A new web browser, purpose-built for developers.


Tired of context switching between your devtools and your editor? Between Chrome and Safari? Or desktop and mobile?

GraySphere provides a consistent devtools experience decoupled from browser engines, devices and versions, transforming your editor into a single pane of glass for web development.


Stay focused on your code.

GraySphere integrates into Visual Studio Code, displaying browsers alongside your code.

Quickly compare your app in Chromium and WebKit.

GraySphere embeds Chromium and WebKit in Visual Studio Code, allowing you to jump between browsers with a single click

One devtools experience.

GraySphere provides a uniform devtools interface to both Chromium and WebKit including JavaScript debugging, CSS/DOM inspection, and network tracing.
Screenshot of Visual Studio Code with GraySphere loaded.

Increase your productivity with next-gen tools.

GraySphere ships instrumented builds of Chromium and WebKit, providing novel tools such as:
  • Progressive Web App installation troubleshooting.
  • Local development using production URLs without local DNS overrides.
  • Real time visual diffs between browsers.

GraySphere is currently under development.

Check back soon for updates!